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Palmer Johnson Power Systems is an authorized Murphy distributor, offering unmatched technical and application support and extensive inventory coverage.

FW Murphy offers hundreds of products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Murphy's control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration.


Murphy Product Categories
20P & 25P Series The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial pressure Swichgage instrument. 
A20P & A25P Series The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial pressure Swichgage instrument with a polycarbonate case for environmental sealing.
20V, 25V, A20V, A25V The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial vacuum Swichgage instrument.
20DP, 25DP, A20DP, A25DP The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial differential pressure Swichgage instrument.
20/25VWC, A25VWC The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm)dial filter restriction Swichgage instrument. 
20BPG, 20BVG, 20BTG The B-Series 2-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial pressure and vacuum Murphygage instrument. 
PSB Direct mount pressure switch.
DHK Oil pressure tubing kits
OPL Series The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial pressure gage and Swichgage instrument. 
PT167EX The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial lead line pressure gage and Swichgage instrument. 
45 Series The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial pressure Swichgage instrument for Magneto, CD and battery ignition system.
45APE The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial pressure Swichgage instrument. 
PXT Series  Pressure transmitters.


Thermocouples 1/4-inch diameter stainless steel tube type, designed to reduce installation-caused faults.
20T & 25T Series The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial temperature Swichgage instrument. 
A20T & A25T Series The 2- and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial temperature Swichgage instrument with a polycarbonate case for environmental sealing.
TSB Direct mount temperature switch.
SPL & 45TE The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial temperature Swichgage instrument.
SDB Series The 3.5-inch (89 mm) dial bi-metallic temperature Swichgage instrument.
Exhaust Pyrometers Single and dual port pyrometers.
MDTM89 The digital temperature Swichgage instrument.
TDX6 Temperature scanner.
TDXM Temperature scanner with pyrometer.
TC, RTD, RTDT Series Thermocouple transmitter with thermowell


LS200, LS200N, LS200NDVOR, L1100 Liquid level switches.
L150/EL150K1, EL150EX The liquid level Swichgage.
L100, L120, L127, L128 The float actuated oil level Swichgage
L971 An explosion-proof crankcase level switch.
L129 The lube level Swichgage.
LM2000/LM2000S Lube level maintainer.
LM300 Series Level maintainer.
LR579, LR589 Oil level regulator for lubricators.
LR857 Lube level regulator.
OPLH Series The 4.5-inch (114 mm) dial level Swichgage.
DF755, DF755EX, DF757 Hydrostatic head level switches.
BLSK1 Bilge level switch systems.
DVU Series Dump Valves Pneumatically controlled dump valves


EVS Electronic vibration switch with advance warning
VS2 Series Shock and vibration switch.
VS94 Shock and vibration control switch.
5T, 15T, 12T, 24T Timers Time switches.
TM Series Hourmeters Electromechanical Hourmeters.
HD9063, OS77D, SS300 The Selectronic speed switch.
ATS, ATA, ATHA, ATHS Tachometers and tachometer/hourmeters.
MT90 Digital tachometer
MTH6 Digital tachometer/hourmeters.
SHD30/SHD30-45 Digital tachometer and hourmeter with adjustable overspeed trip point.


Standard models The Tattletale annunciators and magnetic switches.
ST Series The Selectronic Tattletale Remote Alarm Annunciators.


WD100 Series The Swichgage panel kits with universal gimbal mounting.
WD300 Series The Swichgage shutdown panels with open back for diesel engines.
WHB Series The Swichgage shutdown panels for high plains and other irrigation engines.
75160 Series The Swichgage shutdown panels for irrigation engines and pumps.
W0168 & W0241 The Swichgage shutdown panel kits
W0162 & W0163 The Swichgage diagnostic panel kits for Cummins B- and C-Series.
W0270 The Swichgage shutdown panel kit.
WDU0277 The Swichgage panel assembly for Deutz 413, 511, 912 and 913 Series
W0156 & W0169 Shutdown panel kits for Deutz and other engines.
EA150 Automatic engine controller.
WAI Series The Swichgage shutdown panels for mobile equipment of all kinds
WDU Series The electric gage shutdown panels for Deutz 1011/2011, 912/913 and 914
TL7 & SAH Series Flasher alarm light and Mini-Siren by Murphy Selectronic.


EMS447/448 Electronic monitoring system/controller.
EMS547 Electronic monitoring system/controller.
MEMIS System Marine engine monitoring and information system.
A91 The MURPHYMATIC engine micro-controller.
ASM150 Automatic engine controller.
ASM170 Auto start module.
RP 2300 Series CD Solenoids for diesel engines.
RP75 Rack pullers for diesel engines.
CO3 Electric motor-driven clutch operator for engine automation systems.
Cascade Auto-start/stop controller
eGUARD Auto-start/stop/throttling controller
AT03069 The MURPHYMATIC engine throttle controller
TR Series Transformer relay assemblies


TTD Series Selectronic Fault Annunciator.
C4 Series The Centurion Configurable Controller.
MX Series The Millennium Controller with programmable monitoring system.
LCDT The digital fault annunciator Tattletale.
S1501 The Selectronic micro-controller/annunciator.
HC-9040 Ignition Powered Panel Tester.


SV Series Diesel fuel shutoff valve, solenoid-operated.
CKV & PRV Series Diesel fuel line check valves.
M25 & M50 Series Electromechanical fuel shutoff valves.
M2582-P & M5180-P Pneumatic valves for fuel gas shut off.
PD8100 Series Pulsation dampener.


EG Series The electric gage and electric Swichgage instrument.
EN204 Series Four-function Tattletale Annunciator.


iGUARD Digital generator set controller.
Cascade Auto-start/stop controller
ASM150 Automatic engine controller.
ASM170 Auto start module.
MGC 25-350 Series — The latest in generator control panels
MGC547 Digital generator panels.


PowerView 101 The updated PowerView 101 display.
PowerView PVA Gages Advanced analog gages
PowerView PVM Gages Streamlined analog gages targeted at lower-horsepower engines
HelmView A full-featured engine monitor and display for the marine market
CANdrive J1939 to electric gage interface
XM500 Configurable input/output modul
MDDM The Murphy Display and Diagnostic Module
MLA20, MLA35, MLAA20 The J1939 MLink System analog gages
MDDM-Modbus The Murphy Display and Diagnostic Module with MODBUS RTU communications.

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