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TWIN DISC PTOs in stock, ready to ship.  Huge inventory of replacement power take-off parts. Palmer Johnson has more than 30 years experience applying & servicing Twin Disc PTOs.

Palmer Johnson operates 9 full-service, stocking branches across the  United States.   Branches are staffed with experienced, factory-trained sales & service personnel dedicated to providing superior customer service & support.




Side Load Series Inline Series
Twin Disc PTOs 


Side Load Series Inline Series

Straddle Bearing PTOs - Heavy Side Load
Mechanically Operated Pneumatically Operated
CA Inline Clutches
Standard CX Clutch



Easy-to-mount unit consisting of a clutch assembly with shaft and bearings in a rigid cast iron housing. Designed for manual operation on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housings from No. 6 to No. 00. Triple-plate 11.5" to 21"; double-plate 11.5' to 18'; single-plate 6.5" to 14". Capacities to 1670 horsepower and 8400 lbs.-ft. torque. All Twin Disc Power Take-Offs come standard with composite clutch plates which have wear resistant teeth for longer life and sealed-for-life pilot bearings for reduced maintenance. For high speed applications nodular iron drive rings are available.


This special purpose PTO is intended for heavy-duty applications not requiring a cut-off clutch. The need for a flywheel pilot bearing has been eliminated in some models. Twin Disc's proven rubber block drive absorbs the minor misalignment usually found between the engine fly-wheel and the PTO connecting member. Depending on the load to be transmitted, a single or double row of rubber blocks can be used.

Twin Disc Straddle Bearing PTOSTRADDLE BEARING PTOs
The Straddle Bearing PTO was explicitly designed for high horsepower, high side load, heavy duty applications. Rugged benefit features include cast iron housings, cylindrical roller bearings, nodular iron drive ring and ball bearing throw out collar. Unique style sheave housing easily accepts a 14" diameter 10 groove sheave, This sheave housing allows for belts to pass inside and/or outside of housing. Housing versatility also allows for repositioning. Additionally, the need for an engine mounted pilot bearing has been eliminated.


Rockford Power Take-Offs
Rockford PTO
Rockford-style PTOs employ a heavy-duty, over-center gear-tooth clutch which provides smooth operation, and remains engaged or disengaged until the operator changes modes.  They are designed for use with all internal combustion engines which meet S.A.E. standards and are available in 6.5" (single plate) to 18" (triple-plate) clutch sizes. 

Rockford Spread Bearing PTOs are specifically designed for large horsepower, high side-load, heavy duty applications, such as waste recycling equipment and rock crushers.  Spread Bearing PTOs are available in 14" clutch sizes. 
Rockford Small Engine PTOs are designed for gasoline and diesel engines with a shaft output that requires disconnect clutches.  Available in both wet (oil bath) and dry versions, they utilize a 5.5" LOC over-center clutch with a torque capacity from 50 to 200 lb-ft.
Rockford Spring-Loaded PTOs use a spring-loaded clutch rather than an over-center type.  The spring-loaded clutch compensates for normal wear, reducing maintenance costs in applications with a high frequency of clutch engagements.  Spring-loaded PTOs are available in 10", 11" and 12" sizes.

Twin Disc Service Network

Twin Disc ServicePalmer Johnson's 9-location factory-authorized service center network features:

  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Field service
  • Onsite troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Unit removal and installation
  • 100% genuine replacement parts
  • Testing to original factory specifications
  • 12-month warranty

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