Tour Divide Race: A race like no other

PJ is committed to supporting our community and has concluded our fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. The fundraising efforts were promoted by Tyler Ubinger. During the month of June Tyler embarked on a epic off road, self-supported bike race down the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. In doing so helped promote a healthy and active lifestyle while the Club members followed his every move via a GPS tracker. During the race he rode 2,750 miles.

Exceeded the Goal!

To commemorate Palmer Johnson’s 40-year anniversary, the goal for this fundraiser was to raise $40,000. Palmer Johnson crushed this goal by raising $44,000 to support the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. This money will go to support kids in Dane County and provide them a place to grow and learn.


PJ would like to thank our sponsors that helped us through this journey!

Broken Spoke Bike Studio Emelar Consulting Group Monkey Bar Gymnasium

SarisTwin Disc