Recommended Axle Oil Change Intervals after Service

Oil is the lifeblood of any axle. Regular oil changes are essential to keeping your fleet running at peak performance.  Whether your off-highway axle is a Axle Tech, Funk, ZF, Dana Spicer, Carraroor some other manufacturer you should have a regular... Read More

VIDEO - Dana Spicer Off-Highway Axle Service

The trick to doing axle build-ups and other repairs right the first time is carefully checking each part throughout the process, explains Lead Service Tech for Axles and AWP Mike Stelmacher. Mike walks through the repair of Dana Spicer axle, including the... Read More

How to Quickly Identify Your Components to Limit Downtime

It is very common for customers to request parts for a broken down axle without knowing exactly what parts they are looking for.  Or maybe they are servicing something for the first time and they need an expert to help them figure it out what’s needed... Read More