Palmer Johnson's Customer Support team is 11 full-time representatives dedicated to providing best-in-class service to our customers domestically and abroad. The team handles parts and unit inquiries spanning our 20 + product lines through email, phone, and web channels.

Representatives are located in both Central and Pacific time zone's which provides our customers coverage from 7 AM-7 PM CST Monday-Friday. Everyone works closely together and is backed by PJ's Product Support team to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best possible solutions, lead times, and customer service. With an average customer rating of 4.8/5 stars and more than 1,200 reviews, our customers' testimonials are what drive us all every day.

We’re very thankful for our team and excited to share a little more about its members below!

Each Customer Service team member was asked the same question:

"What do you enjoy most about your role at PJ?"

Austin Barlow

My favorite thing about my role at PJ is that I get to learn something new each and every day. There are always new technical pieces of information and new situational experiences that I am experiencing throughout the day

Bob Bloom

I am part of a team that is more like a family. I can ask anything of any fellow employee and get help with whatever it is. I can in turn help our customers with whatever they need or want.

Heather Haas

The thing I love most about my role at PJ is the support I have from my team to help our customers. It is refreshing to be in a sales job that we can work together to solve the customers’ needs. If I don’t know the answer, there is always someone on the team willing to assist me with my case.

Jim Neilsen

There is a level of great satisfaction when I can provide the information and parts that customers require and working with great teams within PJ.

John Lewis

I really enjoy interacting with people. In the customer service role, I talk to people all over the US and the world and finding solutions for them being parts or trouble shooting is fun and rewarding for me.

Les Wilkinson

The great flexibility is what I enjoy the most about my role.

Marcie Hernandez

I love the day to day challenges and that every day is different. I still learn something new every day. What I enjoy the most is the interaction with the customers, helping to solve problems and working with the great PJ team

Mark Mrdalj

In my customer support role at Palmer Johnson I enjoy helping our customers figure out solutions for their problems.

Mike Stelmacher

I enjoy the flexibility of our work schedules and how PJ is treated like a family. It is bigger than it used to be but still a big family that I really enjoy working with. As I said in the first one, I love being able to solve a problem for the customer and get them working again, it’s a good feeling of accomplishment. And even better when someone takes the time to leave a good review about how we helped them.

Pat Brown

Not only taking great care of our customers but helping fellow colleagues as well, when needed.

Steph O'Brien

My role is bringing a lot of personal and professional fulfillment. I love interacting with our customers and being able to solve their problems. Some customers just want to be able to order parts quickly, some customers have stickier technical issues, it really runs the gamut. Each day is different – when dealing with people you never know what you are going to get, and the ever-changing needs of each customer call ensure that this job is never boring.