What is an Industrial PTO?

Twin Disc CX107 PTO

A power take-off (PTO) transmits the rotary power of an engine into hydraulic power for various applications. The industrial PTO connects with an industrial engine, sending a 1:1 ratio of power-driven off the output while maintaining the drive rotation.

Essentially, power take-offs take the energy that would have otherwise been wasted and transfers it. Industrial PTO's utilize industrial SAE flywheel and flywheel housing standards to connect the PTO to the engine. A PTO consists of a complete clutch assembly with a shaft and bearings mounted in a cast-iron housing.

Industrial PTOs allow a customer to safely control the power source and offer a disconnect between the power source and subsequent use of that power. Essentially, a PTO puts horsepower to work. Without a power take-off, it would be necessary to add a second engine to provide the energy required to run hydraulic pumps and any other applications.

There are four main types of PTOs:

  • Standard Friction
  • Rubber Block Drive
  • Straddle Bearing
  • Remote Over Center

To learn more about the PTO types, read our blog, "What are the types of Mechanical PTOs?"

Twin Disc SP111 PTO

What is an Industrial PTO Used In?

There are limitless possibilities for what applications have a power take-off. However, the most commonly found applications are: irrigation pumps, hay processing equipment, slurry pump equipment, vacuum systems in grain handling, street sweepers, material vac-all equipment, fire protection equipment, levee storm surge equipment, municipal drainage districts, rock crushers, wood chippers, tub grinders, hydraulic mobile & stationary systems, air circulation systems, power generators, and conveyor drive equipment.

Twin Disc SP314 PTO

The above list may seem to be expansive, but it’s just a fraction of the total scope of applications using industrial power take-offs. PTO’s are used by some of the largest OEM’s in the business, including John Deere, Cummins, Deutz, Scania, Detroit, Perkins, Morbark, Bandit, Epiroc, Cedarrapids, Sandvik, Vactor, CBI, Case New Holland, Vermeer, CAT, Link-Belt, Allis-Chalmers, and Terex.

What are the Ranges of Sizes of Industrial PTO’s?

Industrial PTO’s come in a wide array of sizes to fit your application. PTOs range from a single plate to a three-plate option, 159 to 8400 lb-ft max input torque. There are sizes between that gap to service the full array of industrial SAE flywheel housings and flywheels that will meet the max input torque for your application.

Leading Manufacturer of Industrial PTO’s, Twin Disc

The world’s leading manufacturer of industrial power take-offs is Twin Disc. Twin Disc has been manufacturing PTO’s for over 100 years and is the most trusted name in the industrial PTO market. In today’s Industry, the fact that Twin Disc has been around for over 100 years and is still going strong speaks volumes to the quality of products that they produce.

The most common Twin Disc PTO series is the CS, SP, and IBF lines. These three PTO series make up a diverse portfolio of power take-off solutions for almost any application that you may have. Palmer Johnson is the leading Twin Disc authorized distributor with over 40 years of experience representing Twin Disc and providing customers with solutions to all of their industrial PTO needs.

PTO Experts

No matter your application, Palmer Johnson has a staff of PTO experts available. If it’s a brand new application, Palmer Johnson has the experienced professionals to get you fitted into the correct PTO for your application. If it’s an existing PTO, Palmer Johnson can provide you with the needed solution and timeframe for your job, whether a brand new PTO, service at one of our eight service centers, or parts support.

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