Culture FAQs

It is no secret Palmer Johnson values our employees. We are crazy about our people and believe the strength of our company is in the collective knowledge and expertise of our employees nationwide. On this page you will find everything you might want to know about PJ...and more! These are some of the unwritten rules about PJ.

Where is PJ headed as a company?

Palmer Johnson is in the pursuit of excellence; we are determined to be the best at what we do and to shape an exciting future for our employees. Our goal is to expand our footprint, leverage our technology and grow sales, which we strongly believe will offer growth opportunities to our employees. We believe the road to excellence will be found by focusing on providing excellent customer service and continuous improvement in key areas of our business.

What are our major company goals?

We have three that we work towards everyday:

  • Grow sales
  • To be "Best-in-Class" in customer service
  • To provide an outstanding workplace that our people thrive in

If I'm looking for a career at PJ, how do I fit into the company direction and goals?

We need a commitment from you to help us get to where we are going. The pursuit of being the best is not easy, but we believe in our employees and need your help in paving the way. If you bring your passion to work every day and give us 110%, we believe that we will be able to offer you a fulfilling career of growth, prosperity, and excitement.

Is my voice heard if I’m a PJ employee?

You bet! You can pick up the phone anytime or walk up to Craig Parsons. Managers and senior leaders want to hear employee feedback! It’s the employees that make PJ a great place to work and why customers love us. So why wouldn’t we want your voices heard. We are open books…in fact we are a very transparent company! Employees can view all of the financials that anyone in management can see. PJ wants employees to know how we’re doing and to understand the business…so the more you know the merrier! We’ve also received some of our best ideas from employees on how to make the company better with continuous improvement ideas. We have an online suggestion/ideas box where employees can submit suggestions/ideas/thoughts about the company. An example: from this we hired a young man with special needs to help clean the kitchen. It’s his first real job so both he and his parents are ecstatic and it’s a great way for PJ to give back to the community. Talk about rewarding! We also give employees the opportunity to take part in many online surveys as well as an engagement survey. The feedback is invaluable and we want it to keep coming!

Employers sometimes say they believe in work-life balance but don’t really show it. Does PJ believe in it?

We most definitely do! At PJ it’s “family first.” If something comes up, we want employees to be with their families. Work will always be there and if you are worried about your family, really how productive can you be? We’ve helped employees in all different scenarios with working from home, the hospital, another state, or wherever works best when situations arise. And at PJ, you really come in for normal office hours. Some might wonder what that might mean. Well we have flexible work arrangements so employees have the option to work 4, 10-hour days or 5, 8-hour days. Also we let employees choose the hours they want to work. Some come in at 5:30am and others at 9:00am. Some are done by 3:30pm and others 6:00pm. But really, employees leave the office at normal work times and this is the way we like it! We want employees to be spending time with their families or doing something active/fun at night. We also only let employees carry over 40 hours of PTO from year to year. We really want employees to take vacation and encourage this! We believe it’s better for the brain!

Why does PJ have a strong passion for wellness?

This absolutely starts at the top with, Craig Parsons. Craig has always been an athlete and he loves staying physically fit. He participates in a handful of triathlons every year and has placed first or second in his hometown Door County tri the last five years. Craig loves running, swimming, biking and really anything to keep him active. His passion about staying fit shines through at PJ with numerous wellness challenges, paying less in health insurance for being healthier and being incented with PJ points to participate in activities. At PJ we believe that healthier employees make happier employees and in turn give greater customer service.

It looks like you have a really fun culture. Is this real or a façade?

This is definitely REAL! We work hard and play hard. At the end of the week we allow employees to celebrate at 4:30pm on Fridays, what we call “Beer Thirty.” We have a two beer rule “Beer Thirty” so employees can enjoy and still be safe to drive home. It’s quite often when having work meetings that these are held at a local pub. We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love to laugh and have FUN! There are a few times when people have a hard time with this and simply don’t fit or blend in with our culture. In situations like this, we will pay employees $2,000 to leave before their first 90 days is up. We want people who want to be here and enjoy themselves! We started this concept just four years ago and we are happy to share that we’ve never had to pay an employee the $2,000! Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t perfect and we’ve definitely had some employees who didn’t want to work hard or be held accountable and we’ve also had some people that felt they were better than everyone or were “way too cool for school”…usually those people get weeded out. We have the no asshole rule!

What do we expect from our employees?

First of all PJ is very passionate about living by the “no asshole” rule so that’s pretty self-explanatory. If you aren’t one and you work hard and have fun, you should be totally fine! Other than that, it’s pretty simple when you boil it down…

  • Show up for work (and be on time)
  • Provide PJ-caliber work quality and quantity (yes, the bar is high)
  • Be focused on work during work time and still have some fun along the way (we aren’t a super serious bunch and we love the sound of laughter)
  • Treat teammates with respect and be willing to help each other out
  • Be open-minded to others ideas or thoughts
  • Look for ways to improve work area, team, processes…we like to put this in our people’s hands to empower them to make it better!
  • Safety is of utmost importance to PJ so that every employee goes home each and every night to their family

What can I wear to work?

We don’t require anyone to dress fancy. You will never see a suit worn here, with the exception of Brad Borchers! We have a very casual clothing policy which means employees can wear whatever they want as long as it’s not cut off jean shorts/shirts. You will see quite a few people in flip flops and t-shirts when it gets warm! For service technicians and shop helpers, we provide uniforms.

Am I just a number at PJ?

Absolutely NOT! We love recognizing employees for birthdays, anniversaries, having babies, getting engaged or married, you name it. We do this through our monthly Town Halls, Weekly PJPress and our employee Facebook group. We also love recognizing work accomplishments by awarding PJ Points. It’s an internal reward and incentive system. The best part is you can cash in the points for whatever you wish. A spa day, new running shoes, video games, PTO, a computer, etc. We also want employees to get to know each other from other locations so we get the whole company together every few years. We’ve attended a Badger football game, danced to dueling pianos, enjoyed a dinner boat cruise on Lake Geneva, gone ATVing in Vail, etc. This is always a blast of a weekend with plenty of beverages so no one goes thirsty! One of the coolest parts of the event is that you get to spend time with Bill and Betty Parsons who are the most humble and nicest people you will ever meet …and you wonder where Craig gets it from! They all have hearts of gold!