Eaton Airflex Caliper Disc Brakes

Engineered with opposed piston designs, Eaton Airflex DP and DPA caliper disc brakes help balance braking performance. Their symmetrical split construction maximizes flexibility by not only accommodating discs of any thickness, but also permitting mounting from either side of the split line.

    Eaton Airflex Service Network

    For Eaton Airflex service, call 1-800-341-4334

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    Palmer Johnson's nine-location factory-authorized service center network features:

    • Field service
    • On-site troubleshooting and diagnostics
    • On-site application/installation review
    • Unit removal & installation
    • System and bearing failure analysis
    • Oil sampling and predictive maintenance
    • Specialized tooling & lifting equipment
    • 100% genuine replacement parts
    • Repairs & remans tested to original factory specs
    • 12-month warranty
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