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Unsure of the best solution? Trident Engineered Solutions is here to help you identify the ideal replacement components for your current equipment and new applications. Trident was founded in 2019 as a sister company to Palmer Johnson Power Systems.

Tailored Performance

Trident engineers have an intimate working knowledge of all the products we stock, and how these components can be modified to interface with variety of equipment. The ability to alter components to meet exact application requirements delivers the performance of a custom-built part for a stock price.

Experts in Complete Repower

Trident works closely with a global network of engine distributors on industrial, marine and off-highway repowers. The experience gained from managing thousands of repower engines, and daily collaboration with factory engineers, allows our team to foresee and navigate around any potential roadblocks.

Your Partner Beyond The Sale

We want our Trident to be your go-to reference for all your component questions, so they’re always just a phone call or email away. We carefully log information about your equipment, work environment, and business challenges in order to get you the right solution faster and minimize downtime on all future projects.

Engineered Applications