Murphy TTD Series Compressor Controls

  • Specifications


    PSU-2: 10-32VDC, 10W (max); 90-400VDC CD Ignition, 750uA @ 100VDC (max)

    On-Board Backup Power: Lithium battery, 6 VDC, 1300 mAh.

    Digital Inputs: 48 (a.k.a. Channels)
    Sensor Types: Discrete Input, N.O./N.C., intrinsically safe or non-incendive

    Magnetic Pickup Input:
    One Magnetic Pickup Sensor Input: 3.6 - 120 VAC, 2-10 kHz.

    IGN: 0.4A @ 400VDC(*) for 5 seconds
    0.15A @ 400VDC(*) cont. duty
    FV- : 0.5A @ 400VDC(*) cont. duty
    ALR: 0.5A @ 48VDC
    AUX: 0.5A @ 48VDC

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