Our management philosophy is simple: We CARE about our PEOPLE. That's the role of senior leadership - to support, develop and create opportunity for the great people at Palmer Johnson. (Oh, and to remind people that it's okay to have fun at work. Did someone say beer-thirty?!)

Craig Parsons

Craig joined Palmer Johnson in 2004 and has served as president since 2007. He has a BA in Russian history from Stanford and an MBA from UW-Madison. Previously, Parsons was a partner in the Agave Group, which specialized in strategy development, technology licensing, and fundraising for early stage biotech companies.

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Craig Swenson

Craig started with Palmer Johnson in 2006 and currently services as COO. Craig oversees Palmer Johnson's 7 -branch service network and the inside sales team. Swenson has a BS in construction administration and a MBA in entrepreneurship, both from UW-Madison.Go Bucky!

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Brad Lyons

Brad joined Palmer Johnson in 2005 in outside sales in Chicago. He moved west, first taking on the Hayward branch manager and then regional manager role. In 2015, Brad was named Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He holds a BS in engineering from Purdue and an MBA from Loyola.

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Jeff Magusin

Jeff has been with Palmer Johnson since 2002 when the company purchased California's n.a. d'Arcy Co. Jeff served as regional manager of Palmer Johnson's western branches, later taking over as Vice President of Outside Sales. In 2015, Jeff was named Vice President of Marine & Mining Sales.

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Brad Borchers

Brad joined PJ in 2007 after graduating from MSOE with a degree in mechanical engineering. During his time at PJ he has worked as an application engineer and product support manager and is now the Director of Engineering where he manages the OEM Sales team and provides IT strategic leadership. He also recently graduated from UW-Madison with a Strategic MBA. In his free time, he enjoys crossfiting, hunting, fishing, boating, and traveling.

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