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Palmer Johnson is a Kessler & Co authorized distributor. Kessler Axles are manufactured in Germany and are used in pieces of equipment all over the world with a growing market in North America. The Kessler drive axles are comprised by the series or axle type of D41, D71, D81, D91, D101, D102, D106, D111, and D121.

The Kessler drive axles are used by some of the world's most trusted equipment manufacturer's including A.L. Lee, Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, Fantuzzi, Getman, Hyundai, Kalmar, Liebherr, NACCO, Rosenbauer, Sandvik, Sany Heavy Industry, Svetruck, Taylor, and Terberg.

Palmer Johnson has you covered no matter what your Kessler axle need is. Whether you are needing Kessler axle parts, a Kessler axle parts book, a Kessler axle manual, service and repair, a replacement axle, or simply want to talk to the experts to troubleshoot an issue with your Kessler axle; we’ve got you covered with it all. Contact us today!

Kessler Drive Axle Common Assembly Numbers

Kessler Axle Type D41

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
D41PL456NLB327041.3433.3AA.L. LeeRail Runner
D41PL456NLB327041.3464.3A.L. LeeDiesel Rail Commander
D41PL456NLB3270-FS41.3388.3ABullScissorlift Utility Truck

Kessler Axle Type D71

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
D71PL478NLB334072.2209.3LiebherrA 934
D71PL478NLB534072.7505.3NordcoSWX420 & SWX315

Kessler Axle Type D81

Kessler Axle Type

Kessler Axle Part Number/Assembly Number

OEMOEM Machine Number


82.6578.3CargotecDCE 160-12
D81P489SNLB3340-f82.9746.3AGame Equipment77MTX
D81P489NLB7340-1FS82.3050.3EGetmanBattery Hauler
D81PL478NLB534082.4331.3AHyundaiFLT 12 Ton & FLT 16 Ton
D81PL478NLB534082.4330.3AHyundaiFLT 16 Ton
D81PL478NLB534082.1386.3BHyundaiFLT 12 Ton
D81PL478NLB534082.1421.3AHyundaiFLT 16 Ton
D81PL478NLB534081.9192.3FKalmarFLT 16 Ton
D81PL478NLB534081.9192.3HKalmarFLT 16 Ton
D81PL488NLB634082.2619.3KalmarReach Stacker DRF100
D81PL488NLB634082.0468.3AKalmarReach Stacker DRF100
D81P488NLB534081.8492.3HKalmarFLT 16 Ton
D81PL478NLB534081.8933.3KalmarFLT 16 Ton
D81PL488NLB334081.5568.3BLiebherrA 9321
D81PL488NLB334082.6118.3LiebherrA 934 HD
D81VPL47782.4577.3AOption IndustriesC500 8X4
D81P489NLB5460-FS82.3673.3APausPMKT 10000
D81PL8082.1230.3DRosenbauerPanther 6X6
D81PL478NLB534081.9982.3CSMVFLT 16 Ton
D81VPL47882.3745.3ETerbergYT 6X4
D81PL47882.5309.3BTerbergYT223 & RT223
D81DPL47882.3744.3DTerbergYT 6X4
D81PL478NLB534081.7082.3CValmetTD 1612

Kessler Axle Type D91

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
D91PL408NLB646091.7072.3ACVSFL 3212
D91PL488NLB446091.5635.3CKalmarFLT 25 Ton
D91P489NLB446091.7289.3AKalmarFDC 250-12
D91VPL48891.5018.2DLiebherrA 944

Kessler Axle Type D101/102

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
D102PL340/527NLB4460-FS101.1642.3HAtlas CopcoST1030
D102PL340/527NLB4460-FS101.1643.3KAtlas CopcoST1030
D102PL340/527NLB4460-FS101.1642.3FAtlas CopcoST1030
D102PL340/527NLB4460-FS101.1643.3HAtlas CopcoST1030
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1345.3CCVSF279 & F280
D102PL341/528NLB7460-1FS101.1301.3CDBTShield Hauler
D102PL341/528NLB7460-1FS101.1301.3ADBTShield Hauler
D102101.752.3FantuzziFDC 420
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.776.3GFantuzziFDC 420
D102PL341/528NLB5460101.1501.3CGIAMK K635
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1020.3Linde42 Ton Forklift
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.2225.3NaccoReach Stacker
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1936.3BNaccoReach Stacker
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1349.3BSany Heavy Industry Co.CRS450
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1349.3ESany Heavy Industry Co.CRS450
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1349.3CSany Heavy Industry Co.CRS450
D102PL341/528NLB8460101.1503.3ASvetruckFLT 45 Ton
L102101.2128.3CNaccoReach Stacker
L102101.976.3MNaccoReach Stacker

Kessler Axle Type D106

Kessler Axle TypeKessler Axle Part Number/Assembly NumberOEMOEM Machine Number
D106PL341/528NLB7460-1FS106.1383.3Atlas CopcoST1520

Kessler Drive Axle Product Specs

TypeDynamic Axle LoadsBrakesBolt Circle DiameterSelected Applications
D4110 T*/22 T**TB, SB, NLB275 mmForklift Truck, towing tractor
D7114 T*/30 T**TB, SB, DSB, NLB335 mmCrane, material handling
D8117 T*/40T**TB, SB, DSB, NLB335/425 mmForklift truck, dumper
D9180 TTB, SB, NLB425/500 mm/KFLoader, material handling, forklift truck
D101/D102110 TSB, NLB500 mm/KFForklift truck, loader
D106125 TSB, NLB605 mm/KFForklift truck, loader
D111140 TNLB605 mm/KFForklift truck, Dumper
D121200 TNLBKFForklift truck

* = high speed operation, ** = low speed operation,
TB = drum brake, SB = disc brake, DSB = air disc brake,
NLB = wet disc brake, KF = clamped rim fixation

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