A highly flexible coupling with progressive characteristics used in heavy duty applications.
The CENTAFLEX-R boasts an extremely robust and fail-safe design with rubber rollers subjected only to compressive stress. Characterized by a slight stiffness at lower speeds and a moderately increased stiffness at rising torques for smooth operation and reliable transmission over the entire high allowable energy loss. Suitable for high ambient temperatures, the design includes oil-resistance and even higher temperature resistance. Delivered with fail-safe device and for a variety of shaft connections. With flywheel connections acc. to SAE. Also available for non-standard flywheels.

The CENTAFLEX-R is a simple robust ROLLER coupling with a progressive

torsional characterisation. Ideal for boat drives, providing a very low stiffness at low torque (& speed) which shifts the torsional resonance below idle speed and prevents gearhammer (gear chatter).

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Progressive torsional characteristic with very low stiffness at low torque
and increased, but moderate stiffness at high torque
• Fail safe
• Simple, reliable, no bonding, only rubber in compression
• Special developed, temperature resistant elastomer CENTALAN with high damping, suitable for high ambient temperature of more than 100°C (212°F)
• For commercial heavy duty or difficult applications we recommend the special „HD“ rubber rollers, which are also oil resistant.
• Well proven in service and approved by classification societies
• High allowable energy loss by intensive inner and outer ventilation
• Suitable for blind fitting in bell housings
• Economic/easy maintainable design
• Protected by international patents
• Area of application: flange mounted units or well aligned independently mounted units on rigid mounts
• The CF-R is part of the CENTA-Antriebe family of marine drive couplings covering a range between the more than 100000 times proven CENTAFLEX-DS (Dual Stage) series and the well established, CENTAX series up to 500 kNm.

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