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• Fully-Configurable Fault Annunciator

• Alarm and Shutdown Control System for Engine-Driven Pumps and Compressors

• Monitors 48, User-Configurable, Sensor Inputs From N.O. and/or N.C. Censors

• User Selectable Templates Provide Ease of Retrofit by Selecting Configuration of Existing Annunciators via Display Keypad or Download From Computer With Windows Based MConfig® Installed.

• Intuitive Icons Display Status and Operating Mode for Ease of User Operation.

• Serial Communications Port with Selectable Baud Rates up to 38,400

• Universal Power Supplies Powered by 12/24VDC or CD Ignition (Neg. Ground).

• CSA Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C, and D.

• Optional Tachometer Function with Overspeed and Underspeed Protection Using CD Ignition or Magnetic Pickup Input.

• Optional Prelube and Postlube Functionality.

• Optional lubricator No-Flow Detection for up to 4 Proximity Switches.

• One Display Head is Common to all Configurations Allowing Fewer Spare Parts Required to be Maintained in the Field.

• Internal Monitoring of DC Supply, CD Ignition, and Internal Battery Voltage

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PSU-2: 10-32VDC, 10W (max); 90-400VDC CD Ignition, 750uA @ 100VDC (max)

On-Board Backup Power: Lithium battery, 6 VDC, 1300 mAh.

Digital Inputs: 48 (a.k.a. Channels)
Sensor Types: Discrete Input, N.O./N.C., intrinsically safe or non-incendive

Magnetic Pickup Input:
One Magnetic Pickup Sensor Input: 3.6 - 120 VAC, 2-10 kHz.

IGN: 0.4A @ 400VDC(*) for 5 seconds
0.15A @ 400VDC(*) cont. duty
FV- : 0.5A @ 400VDC(*) cont. duty
ALR: 0.5A @ 48VDC
AUX: 0.5A @ 48VDC

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