TR Series

The Murphy TR Series, Transformer Relay Assemblies are electric motor controllers. Models are available for emergency shutdown, start and stop only, start and stop with emergency shutdown, and combinations of the above models with time delay.


■ Electric Motor Controllers
■ Use in Conjunction with Murphy SWICHGAGE® for:
■ Electric Motor Start and Stop
■ Emergency Shutdown and Time Delay
■ Low Voltage Control of Magnetic Motor Starters Utilizing a Low 24 Volt Pilot Circuit

FW Murphy TR Transformer Relay Specs

  • Transformer: Primary (power supply) with triple taps for 120/240/480 VAC. 50/60 Hz.
    Secondary (control supply) 24 VAC.
    Power Rating: 25 VA.
  • Terminal Blocks:
    High Voltage rated at 30 A, 600 V.
    Low Voltage rated at 20 A, 300 V.
  • Control Relays: Plug-in, 120 V, 10 A contact rating.
  • Contacts:
    Power (holding): 10 A, 480 VAC, SPST.
    Control (auxiliary): 480 VAC, 690 VA pilot duty.
  • Conduit: Top: 3/4 in. hub; Bottom 1/2 in. hole.

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