FW Murphy L971 Series Level Switches

The Murphy L971 Series Level Switch detects low oil level in a compressor’s crankcase. As oil level in the crankcase depletes, the float on the L971 switch falls, and when reaching the predetermined limit, it will trip the internal snap-switch sounding an alarm or initiating shutdown.

The L971 is designed for Ingersoll-Rand Type 30, Type 40 and ESH compressors, yet it can be adapted to fit other compressors that have an inspection plate extending below normal operating oil level. It installs with minimal downtime and has a two-year limited warranty.

The L971 has a 1/2 NPT process connection and features an explosion-proof enclosure, durable SPDT snap-switch and rigid polyurethane foam float. A 304 stainless steel float is available on certain configurations.

FW Murphy L971 Level Switch Specs

Operating Temperature Range: -15 to 275°F (-26 to 135°C).

Maximum Working Pressure: 30 psi (206 kPa) [2.06 bar].

Switch Rating: 4 A @ 250 VAC.

Case: Aluminum (explosion-proof).

Mounting Adaptor: Brass.

Floats: Rigid polyurethane. 304 stainless steel available on L971-C only.

Other Wetted Parts: 303, 304, and 316 stainless steel.

O-Ring Seals: Viton and Buna.

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