Wichita Pneumatic and Air-Actuated Clutches and PTOs

Wichita or Industrial Clutch units are designed for dry running with full circle gear tooth friction discs. They are designed to transmit motion and power from a rotating member of the drive train to a stationary member. Engagement of the clutch will allow the system to accelerate up to full speed. The range of Wichita or Industrial clutch air clutches is from 6" (150mm) to 60" (1500mm) in diameter in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 plate units. Whether you require shaft-to-shaft, through-shaft or end-shaft/quill shaft mounting, Wichita or Industrial Clutch has the clutch to suite your application.

  • Smooth start-up or extremely fast engagement can be achieved depending on your needs by controlling air pressure applied to the clutch.
  • Combination clutch/brake units are available for extra flexibility
  • A variety of high Cycle, high speed, low inertia designs

    Wichita Clutch Service Network

    For Wichita Clutch service, call 1-800-341-4334

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    Palmer Johnson's nine-location factory-authorized service center network features:

    • Field service
    • On-site troubleshooting and diagnostics
    • On-site application/installation review
    • Unit removal & installation
    • System and bearing failure analysis
    • Oil sampling and predictive maintenance
    • Specialized tooling & lifting equipment
    • 100% genuine replacement parts
    • Repairs & remans tested to original factory specs
    • 12-month warranty
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