I’m thrilled to announce Ashley’s well-deserved promotion to Vice President - Human Resources of Palmer Johnson Enterprises.

At most companies, Ashley Matthys may have had a fairly easy life in her new job. Palmer Johnson Power Systems already had a strong HR department, a well-developed benefit plan, great people, strong support teams, and a spirited PJ culture. Just keep a good thing going, right? Nope!

Leading Through Acquisitions

Ashley arrived in the eye of a hurricane... when she joined in 2018, PJ was very focused on possible acquisitions. Pretty much from Day 1, Ashley got to lead the HR side of things. Running HR in an acquisition might be the toughest & most important assignment of all. HR is tasked with integrating a group of new employees who don’t know you or your company, are coming from a completely different culture, are paid differently, are on an entirely different benefits plan, have never experienced beer:30, etc. Everything has to go right, or you lose credibility from the start.

Less than a year after Ashley joined PJ, we acquired Mill Log. A few months later came Hamilton Engine. And along with that, Trident Engineered. Then COVID. Seriously, if we can keep our head above water through all of this, I honestly have zero fear about anything HR-wise that we might face in the future. Our success is thanks to Ashley’s commitment to getting the job done in true PJ fashion, keeping our people and culture at the forefront in all aspects and all decisions.

Our New VP of HR

Through all of the above, Ashley & her spectacular, dedicated HR team have flourished. Ashley is one of the most clear-thinking, compassionate leaders I know & I’m honored that she’s chosen to bring her talents here. She’s accomplished boatloads in three years, and the exciting part - there’s way, way more to come!

Congratulations, Ashley!

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