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Service Warranty

Palmer Johnson Power Systems (PJPS) warrants remanufactured/repaired units against failure caused by defective PJPS supplied service parts or PJPS workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months or 1000 hours of operation from the date of shipment.

The warranty will cover normal labor and parts required for the repair. Any premium labor or express parts delivery will be offered at the expense of the customer.

PJPS reserves the option, at its sole discretion, to handle all warranty situations with one of the following methods:

  • Request that the unit be returned to a PJPS branch location for warranty repair
  • Ship another rebuilt unit to replace the failed unit
  • Send PJPS service people to the location to perform warranty repair
  • Pay the customer directly to perform warranty repair on behalf of PJPS

PJPS warranty does not cover situations involving product abuse or neglect, failure of parts not supplied by PJPS, or cases where incorrect procedures were used.

PJPS reserves the option to limit or negate our warranty based on findings where contaminants left in the system at installation caused damage.

PJPS will not consider a rebuilt unit/unit repair warranty request unless informed of the problem or malfunction in a timely manner. PJPS must be given the opportunity to correct the situation prior to unit removal.

PJPS retains the option to refuse warranty requests when the customer does not or cannot supply all pertinent materials and data required to make thorough failure analysis.

PJPS will not be held responsible for any special "on site" costs on a rebuilt unit/unit repair warranty request without a PJPS purchase order being issued in advance by an authorized PJPS employee.

Engineering and application responsibility on requests for sales of rebuilt units/unit repairs is the sole responsibility of the customer unless otherwise noted.

PJPS will not reimburse the following costs as part of a warranty repair:

  • Cost of labor for the removal and replacement (R & R) of any failed unit unless previously agreed to by PJPS at its sole discretion
  • Freight to return unit to PJPS for repair
  • Down time resulting from a failure, or unavailability of unit
  • Any incidential, contingent, or consequential damages or costs resulting from a warrantable failure

PJPS offers an additional 6 month storage warranty for units in storage. Proof of proper storage per the following requirements is needed:

  • Product must be in an indoor, dry storage environment with an ambient temperature range between 41-86 degrees F
  • Product must be protected from inclement weather and mud during any/all handling
  • All original packaging material received with the product should be retained during storage
  • If product is stored in excess of 60 days before being put into service:
    • The manufacturers recommended oil must be added inside the product
    • Components must be rotated every 30 days to ensure gears and seals remain lubricated
      • Transmission & converters - rotate both the input and out put flange two (2) complete 360 degree revolutions
      • Axles - rotate the input flange to complete 360 degree revolution of the hub

If the unit is installed into service after 6 months of storage, PJPS requires that the unit be sent in to a PJPS Service Center for visual inspection & testing at the cost of the customer at which time the storage warranty can be extended up to an additional 6 months at the discretion of PJPS and is limited to PJPS warrantable units.

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