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Grow a Career, Gain a Family

We have open minds that engage your ideas, open doors that evolve your career, and open arms that embrace your family and friends. You are our competitive advantage – join our team and help us be the best.
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Master Your Craft

Whether support or sales, a technician or executive, we provide a range of opportunities to hone your skills on company time. If you want to be the best, then we’ll dedicate the time and resources to help you excel.

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Make Your Mark

Our team works across departments and within the community. By encouraging company-wide communication and civic engagement, we ensure that your voice is heard and your impact is felt.

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Mold Your Future

Our company is growing, and the responsibilities of each employee increases as our footprint expands. We need people who will embrace new challenges and want to elevate their role at Palmer Johnson.

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Our people are our greatest strength and our largest focus

Our team members express themselves through the art of cardboard boat racing, routinely share cold beers with coworkers, and vacation each year with family and friends.

We're able to maintain this culture because of our camaraderie. That's what success looks like. That's Palmer Johnson Power Systems.

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Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness

At Palmer Johnson Power Systems, wellness starts at the top. Our passion for staying fit shines through with our numerous wellness challenges, paying less in health insurance for being healthier, and incentives for participating in activities. At PJ, we believe that healthier employees make happier employees, who in turn, make happier customers.

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Walk Out On Your Job

Walk Out on Your Job encourages employees to take a 30-minute break to walk or exercise during their work day. The program is open to all employees, no matter their role, and helps them get moving and improve their wellness.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Insurance & Retirement

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Telemedicine - Complimentary for All Employees/Families
  • Company-Paid Life Insurance
  • Company-Paid Short & Long-Term Disability
  • 401K Retirement & Company Match
  • Generous Paid Time Off - 16 Days to Start
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Account
  • Voluntary Life Insurance (for Family)
  • Employee Assistance Program

Health & Wellness

  • Walk Out on Your Job (Paid Walk Time)
    Wellness Programs & Challenges
  • Company-Paid Health Assessments
  • Nicotine Cessation Programs
  • Employee-Paid AED & CPR Training
  • Complimentary Healthy Snacks (onsite)
  • Lower Health Insurance Premiums for Higher Health Assessment Scores
  • Condition Management Programs
  • Financial Education


  • Safety Boot & Tool Allowance ($500/year)
  • Student Debt Paydown
  • Maternity/Paternity (4 Weeks Paid)
  • Travel-Related Food & Drink
  • Jury Duty Pay
  • Books/Resources Reimbursement
  • Relocation Reimbursement for Transfers
  • Corporate Hotel Rates for Personal Travel
  • Company-Paid Uniforms & Cleaning (Service)

Personal Development

  • Personal Development Portal
  • Internal Training Opportunities
  • Attend Conferences During Work Hours
  • Paid Time Off for Community Service
  • Career Coaching
  • Employee Leveling System (Service)

Workplace Flexibility

  • Access to Personal Social Media
  • Dress for Your Day
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Remote work options
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Our Culture

Palmer Johnson is in the pursuit of excellence; we are determined to be the best at what we do and to shape an exciting future for our employees. Our goal is to expand our footprint, leverage our technology and grow sales, which we strongly believe will offer growth opportunities to our employees. We believe the road to excellence will be found by focusing on providing excellent customer service and continuous improvement in key areas of our business.

We are in the pursuit of excellence and determined to be the best at what we do to shape an exciting future for our employees. Annually, we update and communicate our company initiatives however we’re always looking for opportunities to increase sales, diversify and be operationally better. No matter what, we always lead with a customer service mentality and put customers and employees alike, at the front of everything we do.

We need a commitment from you to help us get where we're going. The pursuit of being the best is not easy, but we believe in our employees and need your help in paving the way. If you bring your passion to work every day and give us 110%, we believe that we will be able to offer you a fulfilling career of growth, prosperity, and excitement.

You bet! Leadership and managers want to hear employee feedback! It’s the employees that make PJ a great place to work and why customers love us. So why wouldn’t we want your voices heard?! We are open books…in fact, we are a very transparent company! Employees can view all of the financials that anyone in management can see. PJ wants employees to know how we’re doing and to understand the business…so the more you know the merrier!

We’ve also received some of our best ideas from employees on how to make the company better with continuous improvement ideas. We have an online suggestion/concerns/ideas submission area where employees can share their thoughts about the company.

Our management team conducts ongoing coaching sessions with their people to ensure open communication. We do an annual all-company pulse survey and share the results with action items, but we don’t stop there. If there is a large change impacting our team we send out real-time engagement surveys- who wants to wait a year to share comments?! The feedback is invaluable to our culture and we want it to keep coming!

At PJ, it's always FAMILY FIRST. If something comes up, we want employees to be with their families. Work will always be there and if you are worried about your family, really how productive can you be? We’ve helped employees in all different scenarios with remote work options from the hospital, another state, or wherever works best when situations arise. We pride ourselves on working the 40 hr work week and no more. Employees have the autonomy to choose the hours they want to work. Some come in at 5:30am and others at 9:00am. Some are done by 3:30pm and others 6:00pm.

We want employees to be spending time with their families or doing something active/fun at night. We also only let employees carry over 40 hours of PTO from year to year. We really want employees to take their vacation and encourage this! We believe it’s better for the brain!

This absolutely starts at the top with Craig Parsons. Craig has always been an athlete and he loves running, swimming, biking, and really anything to keep him active. His passion for health & wellness drives the holistic approach we take when creating our benefits package and employee offerings at PJ. In addition to physical wellness challenges and paying less in health insurance for being healthier, we offer student debt paydown and partner with a third party to assist employees in achieving their retirement goals. We incentivize with PJ points (points =$) to participate in 5K runs, get an annual physical or dental exam, and take time to unplug for mental health. At PJ we believe that healthier employees make happier employees and in turn help us to continue to live our core value- We Care about Each Other!

We could tell you it is, but we will just let you hear it from our team. Below is a snippet from our glass door reviews:
“This truly is a people-first company that puts its employees as the top priority. It is a very functional environment that lets your ideas and suggestions come together and make an impact on your daily routine. There are so many opportunities from positions, to location changes, to training opportunities. If you seek more out of a role or want more out of your job, they will make sure you get there.”

We definitely live the work hard- play hard motto. Whether it’s the occasional ‘beer-thirty’ at the end of a long day or a work meeting held at a local coffee shop, we try not to take ourselves too seriously! Holiday parties, team cookouts, baseball games, golf outings, and happy hours are among other things we do to get people together and build camaraderie.

We strive to provide a welcoming & inclusive environment for all, recognizing everyone brings with them their own unique background and talents. No matter the team or department you start out in, we take pride in developing people and giving them opportunities to grow their career with us, wherever that may lead. In fact, we have lots of examples of people moving around within the organization – warehouse to IT? Customer Service to Marketing? Service to Sales? We’ve seen it all!

First of all, PJ is very passionate about our core values, #1 being that we care about each other. If you work hard, are respectful, and have fun, you should be totally fine! Other than that, it’s pretty simple when you boil it down…

  • Show up for work (and be on time)
  • Provide PJ-caliber work quality and quantity (yes, the bar is high)
  • Be focused on work during work time and still have some fun along the way
  • Treat teammates with respect and be willing to help each other out
  • Be open-minded to others’ ideas or thoughts
  • Look for ways to improve your work area, team, and/or processes…we like to put this in our people’s hands to empower them to make it better!
  • Safety is of utmost importance to PJ so that every employee goes home each and every night to their family

We don’t require anyone to dress fancy. You’ll likely not see a suit worn here, with the exception of Brad Borchers! Simply, we have a “dress for your day” policy. Business casual when necessary, working from home in sweats is perfectly fine or if stopping in the office to collaborate, you’ll see people in jeans and t-shirts! For service technicians and service assistants, we provide uniforms.

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