Earlier this week Palmer Johnson celebrated 365 days of zero lost time due to work related injuries. It is an incredible accomplishment and though we would love to see this every year we understand that this kind of accomplishment takes a tremendous effort on everyone's part.

As a company we are extremely grateful to our employees for their role in their efforts and believe the impact of this accomplishment is very far reaching. Not only does Safety touch the lives of everyone in our PJ family but it also touches our families. It is essential that here every day when our people finish their day, they come home safe.

“This is truly one of the great PJ achievements EVER. Thanks to you all for truly caring about each other…that’s the only way 365 happens!” –Craig Parsons (President)

With that being said we have worked over 270,000 hours collectively in the last year and have had zero lost time injuries!

Our good friend John O’Leary also took a moment to address the PJ staff to offer his congratulations!