The Cotta GR1600 Speed Reducers match engine speed to driven equipment speed allowing both the engine and load to operate at peak efficiency. These compact and heavy-duty gearboxes are designed for use with the commercial offerings of major engine manufacturers.

To read more about this product family download a brochure: GR1600E Speed Reducer and/or Cotta Speed Reducer Catalog.

The Cotta GR1600E Speed Reducer an engine mounted speed reducer available with SAE flywheel housings from #5 to #00, ratios to 8, and horsepower capacity to 2200. Flywheel connection options include over center clutches, air clutches, drive plates and torsional couplings. Independent mount units are also available. Cotta speed decreasers are easily modified to meet special application needs. Above 2200 HP, remote mount models are generally used.

The Cotta Speed Reducer Catalog is available to review your application needs and compare to the various standard models available. Typical applications are pumps, generators, rock crushers, compressors, mud pumps, blenders, and wood chippers. Some speed reducers have side load capability for belt driven applications. Many pre-designed special purpose speed decreasers are available. If our catalog offerings do not meet your needs, please ask a Cotta Sales Engineer about a modified standard or custom speed reducer.