Crowley Maritime has announced the launch of their second ever Commitment Class ship, Taíno, at their shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi (see the press release here). Named after an indigenous population in Puerto Rico, Taíno will increase the speed and efficiency in which goods and services are delivered between the United States and Puerto Rico.

Image courtesy of Crowley

Taíno boasts being one of the first combination container and roll on/roll off ships that is completely powered by liquefied natural gas. Because of its low CO2 and NOx emissions, plus the complete elimination of SOx, liquefied natural gas is easily thought of as one of the more environmental friendly fossil fuels.

This incredible video below documents the ship’s first moments in the water as it begins its mission of transforming shipping and logistics services between the United States and Puerto Rico thanks to both ships, Taíno and El Coquí.

These launches serve as an indicator that the marine industry is still going strong and showcase new technology and movements coming in our field.

Watch the video below from Crowley Maritime as Taíno is launched with quite a splash!