EC300 Express Joystick System® and Express Positioning® released for use with non-Twin Disc thruster systems The Express Joystick System is now available to be integrated with non-Twin Disc thrusters.

Twin Disc has developed a protocol translating module (Communications Module) to allow communicating with SAE JI 939 (CAN) based thruster systems.

This initial release includes communication modules for ABT TRAC™ TRACLink, and Side Power S-Link™ proportionally controlled hydraulic thruster systems. Each of these systems requires a unique module in order to meet their specific CAN messaging requirements.

An EJS® used with a non-Twin Disc thruster system requires the unique communication module and several adapter harnesses to interface the EC300JS controller to the thruster system. (see diagram below) The thruster system is supplied complete from the thruster manufacturer, eliminating thrusters, hydraulics, manifolds, fittings, control panels and harnesses from EJS scope. This makes retrofitting an EJS system to vessels with Quickshift® marine transmissions and EC300 controls much less complicated and less costly.

When fitted to a properly sized hydraulic thruster system, the Express Positioning feature is also available for providing station keeping functions. EJS applications must be reviewed by Twin Disc in order to confirm proper thruster Make, Model and Sizing to meet expected Joystick and Express Positioning performance. Contact for application review.

This release is only for use with ABT TRAC™ TRACLink, or Side Power S-Link™ proportionally controlled hydraulic thruster systems. Additional thruster systems, including AC or DC powered thrusters will become available in the future.