Tier IV engines require a drastic reduction in particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. To accomplish this, many engine manufacturers have added large Diesel Particulate Filters (known as DPF) on to their engine package taking up valuable space in the machine and limiting the options for mounting driven equipment. This forces original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) to undertake massive redesigns on their equipment.

How will the power be transmitted to the equipment?

This is often overlooked early-on. Items that should be discussed during this process include clutches, hydraulic pump mounts, auxiliary drives, gearboxes, torsional couplings and power-shift transmissions and axles. The earlier you begin exploring drive options the more likely you will be to have a solution that meets your technical and delivery requirements.

The challenge of limited space

In many instances, what once was an available mounting location on the engine for a hydraulic pump is no longer available. Power tower units, as well as through shaft pump drives have quickly become utilized solutions to this challenge. Power tower units distribute mechanical energy to driven products, like hydraulics, water, and compressed air. Through shaft pump drives work similarly to power towers, allowing the power to be transmitted through the drive to a converter/transmission or other driven equipment while providing the auxiliary pads necessary to drive hydraulic pumps. These options are viable solutions for when auxiliary hydraulic mounting options are limited or not available on your engine or transmission due to the space being taken over by the DPF system.

Blending the old and new

It can be challenging to find a way to blend emerging technology with current equipment. Finding alternatives, like power tower units and through shaft pump drives, are the perfect way to manage these challenges. If you’re still struggling with doing so, Palmer Johnson Power Systems can help guide you. Manufacturers such as Twin Disc, Transfluid, Spicer-Dana, Cotta, & Durst all have solutions that can aid in developing a technically sound solution. Contact us for more information and help.