Tyler Kicks Up His Training

There’s just over a month to go before the Tour Divide Race kicks off—and before we all start cheering Tyler Ubinger on as he tackles this epic journey from Canada to Mexico, raising money for the Boys & Girls Club around the clock.

With the race fast-approaching, Tyler has kicked his training into high gear, logging hundreds of miles each weekend. The conditions have been all over the board, giving him the opportunity to test his gear and push himself to the limits. It’s better to find out if your socks are waterproof, and whether or not your jacket really repels wind before you’re on the remote parts of the continental divide…

Last weekend alone, Tyler rode for more than six hours in the driving rain, with a sharp headwind fighting him for miles. The good news? His socks are waterproof! Thanks, Rutabaga!

Tyler has been hitting the trails for long rides through driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin, camping at night, then picking up the next morning and riding on. Some highlights:

Weekend 1

SATURDAY: 170 miles Conditions: rainy with headwinds Route: Military Ridge Trail to Dodgeville, then Mineral Point to Monroe via the Cheese Country Trail, an ATV trail and Monroe to Madison via the Badger Trail

Weekend 2

FRIDAY: 130 miles on and off road Conditions: sunny and 60 degrees Route: Madison to Wyalusing State Park on the Mississippi River—a very scenic route Tested following GPS coordinates for 130

SATURDAY: 108 miles of gravel Conditions: rainy with headwinds Route: Dairy Roubiax Ride—the long course with lots of hills

SUNDAY: 130 miles Conditions: sunny and 60 degrees Route: Back to Madison on a different route—used the GPS map home; once home, hopped on the Quarry Ridge Trails single track—another 30 miles

Total logged miles: 400!

But that isn't enough for Tyler to get ready for the race. He also had an intense one- to two-hour weekday training sessions, with workouts at Monkey Bar Gym covering strengthening and conditioning, flexibility and mobility, core strength and stability. And, of course, during the week, Tyler was on his feet non-stop at the shop.

Now, with just about a month left to go, let the countdown begin! We’ll keep you updated as Tyler keeps training and keeps pushing towards the finish line.

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