PJ recently launched a new nutrition program in partnership with Tami Schiltz of Innovative Nutrition and Wellness Solutions. This new program will offer one-on-one nutrition coaching that is partially funded by PJ to all employees. In addition to the one-on-one coaching, PJ will offer employees nutrition workshops and lunch and learn events at no cost to employees.

PJ is excited to be able to offer a benefit that focuses on a one-on-one approach versus just the one size fits all dieting programs. We see value in offering both options but until this point we were missing out on creating that personal experience for those who wanted it. It is a great feeling to really listen to what our employees want and help create additional value in our benefits package.

Tami Schiltz adds “a lot of companies talk about taking care of their employees and do their best, but Palmer Johnson is raising the bar and setting a new standard! Having the option to sit in on a Nutrition Lunch & Learn and take away a few useful "bites," is definitely a step in a healthier direction. To have the opportunity to get personalized one-on-one nutrition counseling that is supported by your company, however, is truly a unique experience!”

"Everything around eating is incredibly personal. Everyone was raised differently and has different life experiences that have helped shape their current habits and health. Being able to sit down with someone one-on-one to reflect and learn from their past experiences, work through their current barriers, and help them create a realistic plan to help them reach their goals is what makes my role as a Registered Dietitian so much fun and so rewarding."