Fast Response with Expert Knowledge

At Palmer Johnson Power Systems one of our core values is “We Care About our Customers” and this is something we live day in and day out. We show we care in a variety of ways, one of which being our attention to detail when you send in a request. We know your time is valuable, so we want to make sure we are as efficient as possible when we reach out to you and are able to provide the correct solution. If you have ever submitted a request online, you might be wondering “what happens to my information once I click “email us” on PJ’s website?” “Where does my information go?” “How quickly will I hear back from a Customer Support Representative?” Keep reading to learn the answers to these burning questions.

“I just need a part, why do they need to know what industry I’m in?”

Let’s back up a little bit first before you can hit “email us” there is some information that we require in order to best assist you. We need the standard – First name, last name, company, email, and your request. We also ask for your industry when submitting your request. Knowing the industry helps ensures we route the request to our knowledgable teams right away. If you don’t fall into one of those markets, we also have a 12-person Customer Support team ready to assist with a variety of requests. These specific market teams work closely on a variety of projects within their field, and they are the best people to talk to about those given industries. If you don’t happen to be in one of those markets, we also have a 12-person Customer Support team ready to assist with all other requests for every product line we carry.

Once you hit the request has been submitted, the information is passed into Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management Software). All incoming requests are monitored closely during business hours by an expert team.

Qualifying your Request

When a request initially comes in from our website we review and qualify the information provided. There are a few things we check for- Is this request for an existing or new customer? If so, the request is tied to their account and moved over to the Customer Support team to follow up with the request. If the information submitted is for a new customer, we will ensure that they are properly set up in our system to best assist them. We also look at the type of request that was made.

  • Did the customer give us enough information on what parts they need?
  • Are they looking for parts lists or service manuals?
  • Is the person looking for tech or service support?

Providing the Best Solution

Now, this may seem like a lot of processing time, but in reality, all of these steps are completed quickly...often in hours/minutes. We understand that time is of the essence, as is getting the right part or answers right away. These qualifying questions we run through ensure that you are getting in touch with the correct person the first time and that the person you first talk to is the best person to speak to. These are the same questions we go through when someone calls in, so no matter how your request is being sent in, our goal is to serve you best.