Customer service is the cornerstone of Palmer Johnson Power Systems. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients are happy and satisfied with the services and products that we’ve provided. While this clip from The Office (see below) makes light of the importance of training employees in customer service, it is actually spot on!

We have trained and mentored all our employees how to treat customers with the utmost respect and care, as well as how to deliver results that will leave every customer taken care of. By giving our employees the support and background that they need to be able to provide our customers excellent service, we are also caring for our employees’ best interest by giving them the tools they need to succeed. All of these are traits needed to build any strong business.

Our company prioritizes customer service because of three reasons: building trust with our customers, eliminating problems or mistakes, and encouraging long-lasting or repeat customers.

This focus and dedication to best-in-class customer service is more than just a catch phrase for us which is why one of our four core values as a company is "We care about our customers". We see everything we do through our customers’ eyes and go above and beyond, as if helping a friend. We only work on things that create value for our customers, communicating openly, honestly and often along the way. Having these values at the foundation of our business allows Palmer Johnson Power Systems to give the best to our clients, and in turn, to our employees.

Originally published 3/22/2018