Week two is successfully in the books and, at this point in the race, I think it’s safe to say this:


He’s raced through Canada, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and, nearly of Colorado. He’s got one more epic state ahead of him, but he’s more than ready. After spending a huge week riding through mountain passes and tackling mud and, even, snow, Tyler is riding strong.

This week, like week one, had its ups and downs. Tyler’s views of Grand Teton National Park were epic. The Great Basin, he tells us, was beyond taxing but, also, beyond amazing. Because it was a scorcher, he pedaled a lot at night and in the early mornings, taking in the silence and the stars. His views of the Milky Way were second to none.

Tour Divide Route

Biking can take you nearly anywhere… even back in time!

Tour Divide Route

After the basin, Tyler hit the TDR Oasis at the Brush Mountain Lodge. By the time he got there, he admits he was running on fumes and almost stopped to camp out about a mile away. But he came around the corner to a roaring camp fire and a roaring crowd cheering him on -- exactly what he needed to keep pedaling just a little bit more. And the pizza waiting on the other side didn’t hurt either…

Tour Divide

Tyler got a quick rest and, even, some laundry in at the Brush Mountain Lodge. This stop gave him time to recharge and talk with other riders.He then headed to Steamboat Springs where he stopped in at Orange Peel Bikes to have some work down. The team swapped out his front and rear brakes plus his rear cassette then sent him on his way. Next step: lots more mountains and a huge breakfast. Because, as we can only imagine, racing this much leaves food on the brain more often than not…

Another bonus video from the weekend… and help Tyler by donating to his ride for Boys & Girls Club!

Yummmm... look at those meals!

Tour Divide Food
Tour Divide Food

Remember, Tyler is tackling this massive ride to support the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. Their goal? Raise $40,000 -- and you can help. Click below to donate now!

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