As if riding from Canada to Mexico weren’t enough, Tyler Ubinger will have to pedal the entire distance carrying everything he needs on his bike. It’s an epic undertaking all around—the nearly-3,000 mile course, the gear, the conditions and all of the unexpected that could pop up along the way. Needless to say, we’re all completely wowed by Tyler and his commitment—and, of course, his tremendous efforts all in the name of the Boys & Girls Club.

So what’s he carrying? In short, a lot—clothes, tools and maintenance equipment, toiletries, a tent and sleeping gear, maps, water bottles and, even, a phone charger in the hub of his wheel. Together, it adds quite a bit of weight to his 509 Cycle. But, as Tyler’s explained, he needs every bit of it to get him from start to finish. Don’t forget, he’s tackling the course with zero outside help along the way. If something breaks, he’ll have to veer off course and find a bike shop. If he needs more provisions, he’s going to have to stop, reassess and figure out how and where to get it. There’s no room for any extra gear or added weight beyond what Tyler’s been packing up and training with.

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