NAMCO Tranmission Power Take Offs

NAMCO has been producing superior quality gear products Since 1976. As part of our standard production lineup of products, we now offer a complete product range of Transmission mounted Power Take-Offs (PTO's) for a variety of applications and power ratings.

Available in standard air-shift or in “hot-shift” options, NAMCO PTOs are built for rugged scenarios both for on & off-highway applications.

NAMCO is focused on selling our PTO’s directly to OEM’s for their equipment build programs. This direct approach provides a better quality product, while realizing savings. Please inquire with our sales team for the proper model and transmission type to ensure the proper product is specified at point of engineering.

  • Tougher than the competition
  • Improved Gear Geometry
  • Larger and Better Bearing Design
  • Up to 30 Percent Stronger
  • Increased Load Capacity on Bearings
  • Superior Gear Tooth Synchronization
  • Dual Seal Design
  • Unique Assembly Design and Improved Serviceability

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NAMCO Service Network

For NAMCO service, call 800-341-4334

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Palmer Johnson's nine-location factory-authorized service center network features:

  • Field service
  • On-site troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • On-site application/installation review
  • Unit removal & installation
  • System and bearing failure analysis
  • Oil sampling and predictive maintenance
  • Specialized tooling & lifting equipment
  • 100% genuine replacement parts
  • Repairs & remans tested to original factory specs
  • 12-month warranty
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