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Palmer Johnson Promotes Andy Stehl to VP of Service

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    I am incredibly excited to announce the promotion of Andy Stehl to Vice President of Service for Palmer Johnson Power Systems!

    Every day, Andy brings deep knowledge, great communication, and a positive attitude as our service operations leader. His ability to understand what our Service locations need to provide a high level of service to our customers is key to the success of the Service Department and the entire company.

    18+ Years of Dedication to PJ

    Andy started at Palmer Johnson over 18 years ago when we were still Palmer Johnson Distributors. He began his career as a Service Tech at our Addison, IL location. Based on that starting point, you can see that Andy has been part of many PJ changes. The company has a new name, there is no longer a location in Addison, and Andy now lives in Texas!

    Palmer Johnson Power Systems has come a long way since Andy started, and his willingness to always take on new challenges has been essential to helping us move forward. During his initial role as a Service Tech, Andy made it clear that he wanted to try new opportunities.

    Future Leaders

    When we had our first 2020 Future Leaders group, Andy applied to be a part of it. I still remember the first meeting with this team when Andy asked the entire PJ Management team to leave the meeting so the 2020 Group could work on their first project without our assistance!

    The leadership Andy showed that day led to many new possibilities for him at Palmer Johnson. The first challenge he took on was to become an Outside Salesperson, where he learned about customer needs and how to put yourself out there to sell.

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    Growing With Service

    After working in that role, PJ needed a Service Manager in Arlington. We had just moved to a new facility and were trying to grow our Oil and Gas repair business in a hot market. One of Andy’s strengths is organization. He quickly reorganized the shop and generated excitement within the Arlington team to significantly increase our capacity to complete large Oil and Gas repairs.

    To utilize his skills more throughout other PJ locations, Andy was quickly promoted to Regional Service Manager and then, in 2015, to his current role as Director of Service. In this role, Andy has led the Service Department through some great times and some challenging ones. From trying to grow as fast as possible to meet the demand to downsizing locations due to market conditions, Andy always represents PJ’s #1 Core Value of “we care about each other.” Andy stays connected to the Service team, listens to their feedback, and thinks about the effect every decision he makes has on the entire PJ Family.

    Our New VP of Service

    With all that Andy has contributed to PJ and especially his leadership in helping us through this challenging past year, he has definitely earned this promotion to Vice President of Service, so please join me in congratulating him on this fantastic achievement!

    Congratulations, Andy!

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