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Bike 4 Boys & Girls Club: Bike NonStop

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A Passion for Wellness

It's been 2 years since Tyler last went on a ride across the country. In 2017 Tyler participated in the Tour Divide Race that took him 2,800 miles down the continental divide from Banff Canada to the Mexican border in support of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County. The race took him 22 days as he traversed mountains all off-road, totally self-supported. At points having to carry his bike through mud and snow... up mountains. Needless to say, Tyler is a beast on his bike.

Riding Coast-to-Coast

Now that he's recovered it's time for Tyler to embark on another self-supported bikepacking race, this time west coast to east coast! Starting on May 26th Tyler will leave Portland, OR for Washington, D.C. crossing 12 states and racking up 3,600 miles on road, gravel and rail trail. His ride again will support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County. Specifically, the new club that is being built in Sun Prairie, only 3 miles from Palmer Johnson.

"With my bike ride across America, I hope to inspire kids at the B&GC and people, in general, to get outside and live an active lifestyle. It's a big country and there is no better way to see it than from the seat of my bicycle." Says Tyler Ubinger

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Photos from the 2017 Tour Divide Race

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