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Why is providing great customer service important to you?

Palmer Johnson’s Customer Support team is comprised of 12 full-time agents dedicated to providing best-in-class service to our customers domestic and abroad. The team handles parts and unit inquiries spanning our 20 + product lines through email, phone and web channels.

Representatives are located in both Central and Pacific time zone’s which provides our customers coverage from 7AM-7PM CST Monday-Friday. Everyone works closely together and is backed by PJ’s Product Support team to ensure we’re able to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, lead times and customer service. With an average customer rating of 4.7/5 stars in more than 1,100 reviews, our customer’s testimonials are what drives us all each and every day.

We’re very thankful for our team and excited to share a little more about it’s members below!

Each Customer Service team member was asked the same question:

"Why is providing great customer service important to you?"

Austin2020 2

Austin Barlow

Customers are the core of our business and providing best in-class customer service is what sets PJ apart from the competition and keeps our customers coming back. This is something that I take a personal stake in accomplishing, which brings me great pride.

Bob2020 2

Bob Bloom

I have been on the other end needing help with a part, repair, or shipping the right part. I want the customer to know that I can take care of all of their needs from start to finish via teamwork within PJ. I want the customer to remember my name and to know that I WILL get the job done for them.

Heather2020 2

Heather Haas

Providing customer service has always been important to me. My family has a lot of small business owners in it and their customer service is what set them apart. My grandparents own a very successful business, and they are known for their “friendly service.” Their business was one of the few businesses in their industry that survived the recession with a profit. Customers don’t always remember the money they saved, but they do remember the experience they had.

Jack2020 2

Jack Retzlaff

Making customers feel like meeting their individual needs is THE top priority of Palmer Johnson. It results in satisfied and loyal customers, and that is personally satisfying to me. It’s especially important in this day and age when many people feel they’re just a number and a phone tree substitute for personal service

Jim2020 2

Jim Neilsen

I always try to put myself in the customer's shoes. How would I like to be treated? Do my best to understand the customer’s needs and put them at ease that I am here to help.

John Lewis2020

John Lewis

I like treating customers how I like being treated. In my day to day experiences I find many salespeople rarely provide outstanding customer service and are somewhat disengaged. When I do find a person that goes over and above to help me, they become my go to person from then on.

Les2020 2

Les Wilkinson

Great customer service is important to me because you never know what someone is going through and being friendly and courteous can change the day for someone. People remember how you make them feel.


Marcie Hernandez

In this day and age, customers have so many options, but I’d like to think that by providing great customer service, PJ would have the advantage over the competition It’s important to me to strengthen my relationships with our customers, whether they are new to PJ or they are our loyal customers. In the long run, getting to know them and their business will generate more sales and possibly generate more business by word of mouth.

Mark2020 2

Mark Mrdalj

Great customer service is important to me because our customers rely on Palmer Johnson to have the knowledge and inventory to meet their needs.

Mike2020 2

Mike Stelmacher

Helping our customers out and keeping them happy is our number one goal. I totally agree and it is fun to be able to assist the customer and help them solve their problems.

Pat2020 2

Pat Brown

Since the majority of our relationships with our customers is B2B, we know down time for the end user can be costly. Keeping this thought in the forefront helps motivate me to make sure we take care of our customers in the quickest & most efficient way possible.

Steph2020 2

Steph O'Brien

Providing great customer service is important to me because it speaks to my personal core values of integrity, empathy, lifelong personal growth and caring about others. It’s about treating others as you would want to be treated, but also paying attention to the subtleties of how they want to be treated. It is important to me to work for a company that understand what great customer service is, and how to support that. This company is made up of people that also feel strongly about providing great customer service – this is the root of what the PJ brand is about. PJ’s management empowers us to do what is necessary to maintain excellent customer relationships and strives to provide an environment where we are supported in making sure we have satisfied customers. Our company core values are part of a mural on the wall of our sales department:


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