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Drilling Down to Oil & Gas Market Needs

Freemyer Twin Disc
Oil Gas

The Palmer Johnson Oil and Gas Market Team has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years, but we’re not done yet. We are adapting to the ever changing well servicing and drilling equipment market through innovation and superb customer service in supporting our customers for all of their power transmission needs.

Twin Disc, Cotta, Durst, Funk, Eaton Airflex, Wichita Clutch, and Svendborg

During the downturn of 2015 and 2016, the newly formed PJ Oil and Gas team was preparing for big days ahead, and did we ever prepare. We made a significant inventory increase to prepare for the uptick focusing on Twin Disc 8500 rebuild parts, Cotta gearbox units and parts, along with general clutch and brake units and repair kits for our customers. In early 2017 we saw tremendous growth in sales and our service centers were loaded with 8500 rebuilds and gearbox repairs. Everything from Twin Disc, Cotta, Durst, Funk, Eaton Airflex, Wichita Clutch, and Svendborg. Our customers were pleased with our availability and quick turnaround to get them back up and running and making money.

Inventory to support your needs

Although not as slow as the last downturn, 2019 has seen a slowdown somewhat with service company budgets being cut. Frac and drilling rigs are being stacked as utilization has gone down, leaving a lot of equipment out there that will need to be repaired in the future. Our inventory levels today are strong and we are prepared for the uptick in the market. We keep repair parts and service replacements on hand along with new complete Twin Disc 8500 and 7600 frac transmission systems ready for new application and retrofit opportunities. The 7600 retrofit market is one we are continuing to focus on to limit downtime for our customers experiencing issues with their current transmission supplier. We have had great success with this new pressure pumping transmission in the past few years.

Same great support no matter the market conditions

Oil and gas market slowdowns come and go, but here at PJ we remain steady and prepared to service our customers no matter the market conditions. Whether you have a transmission or brake repair, new pressure pumping or pump application requiring a transmission solution, our years of experience in this market have us prepared for our customers needs. Quality engineered products and excellent customer service keep the PJ Oil and Gas Market team at the top today, and for the years ahead.


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