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Twin Disc Product Updates: EC300 Graphic Display & Backup Propulsion Control

EC300 Graphic Display

Palmer Johnson is excited to announce the release of the new Twin Disc monochrome display module for the EC300 Power Commander® propulsion control systems. This newly developed unit can display graphics/data for two power-trains on one screen. This feature eliminates the need for individual Port and Stbd display modules, enhancing functionality while significantly reducing cost. The new display requires that the EC300 Controls have software version 1.44 or newer.

The Twin Disc part number is 1028207E. New adapter harnesses are required for interfacing to analog or digital control head systems: 1031774 for Port and 1031973 for starboard side of display. Only 1031774 is used for single or independent displays.

The new graphics feature, indicating lever position from 0-100% allows the operator to easily put the lever to a given percentage, resulting in an expected shaft speed.

While the display allows for displaying data of two power-trains, individual Port and Stbd displays can be used for those applications where independent displays are desired.

The new display has push buttons for:

  • Selecting different screens
  • Selecting screen configuration: FWD vs. AFT facing; Single vs. Dual
  • Accessing Diagnostics and Fault information
  • Adjusting Contrast and Brightness
  • Changing units of measure
Ec300 Graphic Display 1028207 E

Backup Propulsion

In addition to the display for the EC300, Twin Disc has also launched an additional backup control option, expanding on the Backup Propulsion Control. This new option allows for use of a second EC300 Propulsion Control System and provides seamless integration with the primary EC300 system/Quickshift® transmission. The only shared component in the package is the wiring to the transmission and engine.

With the secondary EC300 system having a standard EC300 Control Head, operating the two systems is identical; making the transition to backup mode simpler for the operator. In addition, with dual speed sensors installed on the transmission, the secondary EC300 system is capable of providing the same operating modes as the primary: Cruise/Express/Sync/Troll.

This Backup Propulsion Control configuration was developed to meet the requirements of a Sydney Ferry application in Australia. Rather than having a backup system just for returning to port, this new configuration allows them to keep their fleet of ferries in normal operation until the end of daily services. When the secondary EC300 system is needed, there is a selector switch to transfer from primary to secondary. Once the switch is activated, the operator selects the backup control head station to resume operation.

The following items are needed to integrate two EC300 Propulsion Control Systems:

  • S1030862 Backup Interface Assembly (BIA) (QTY 1)
  • PX1031442 Selector Panel (QTY 1)
  • 1031444_series Selector Panel harness (QTY 1)
  • 1028798_series primary EC300 to BIA harness (QTY 2)
  • 1031185_series secondary EC300 to BIA harness (QTY 2)
  • 1030367_series BIA to transmission harness (QTY 2)
  • 46836 connector kits for BIA power and engine interface (QTY 2)

Contact us today for more information on the Twin Disc EC300 propulsion control systems. Whether you just have some basic questions or are wanting to explore a brand new application using the EC300 propulsion control systems; we're here to help.

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