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Introducing Hamilton Power Solutions


Beginning January 1st, 2022, Hamilton Engine and Trident Engineered Solutions will start doing business as Hamilton Power Solutions. The change in name is being made to better reflect the total scope of Hamilton’s prime-mover agnostic, complete drivetrain solutions strategy. With the infusion of the engineering team at Trident and distributor-level access to a variety of drivetrain components, Hamilton Power Solutions has the ability to provide comprehensive sales, service & engineering support at a level unmatched by our peers in the industry.

As part of the Palmer Johnson Enterprises (PJE), Hamilton Power Solutions remains committed to providing a world-class customer experience. We also work closely with the other companies that are part of our PJE family:

  • Palmer Johnson Power Systems - A leading North American distributor of off-highway drivetrain components and service provider of those components and the equipment that utilizes them, with 9 locations across North America.
  • Alterra Power Systems - The premier high horsepower natural gas & diesel genset sales and service distributor in North America. Specializing in selling and servicing diesel and natural gas power generation systems for commercial and mission-critical applications
  • Palmer Johnson Enterprises - The parent company and also home to the HR, Marketing, IT, Finance & Accounting, and Warehousing teams that support the entirety of the enterprise.

Hamilton Power Solutions is a distributor for Deutz,Isuzu, and Scania industrial diesel engines and drivetrain solution provider for the off-highway industry. With locations in Sun Prairie, WI and Portland, OR, and a network of over 70 authorized dealers across our territory, we provide comprehensive sales, service & engineering support to customers ranging from off-highway equipment OEM’s to end-users operating the “critical-need” equipment powered by the product we design, build & support.

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