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Marine ProConnect available for Scania engines

Auto Maskin

Simply connect one end of the harness to the ECM of the Scania engine and the other end to the DCU 210E Engine Controller. Apply 12 or 24V power to the designated leads, upload the engine configuration, and you’re done. It’s that easy!

Designed with simplicity in mind, the ProConnect Scania kit caters to a range of vessels, from service boats in Norwegian fjords to Shrimpers and Oystermen in the Gulf of Mexico. Its streamlined installation and operation ensure a hassle-free experience.

This all-in-one solution includes the DCU 210E Engine Controller, a wiring harness, a USB stick pre-loaded with engine configuration files, and a straightforward set of instructions. Additionally, we offer optional features such as Start/Stop remote buttons, Halon shutdown or local shutdown, and Water in Fuel detection for added convenience.

  • A “Plug and Play” pre-wired control system for a range of Scania engines.
  • Includes a connection harness with all necessary and a set of optional connectors, a DCU 210E Engine Controller and a USB stick with pre-defined configuration files
  • Pre-defined configuration files means no programming
  • The DCU 210E features and functions compliment the engine capability
  • Marine Broadcast compatible for cloud based remote monitoring
  • No special software required; if additional configuration is needed, it can be done using any web browser
  • Full system warranty from Auto-Maskin means “Peace of Mind”
  • Supported globally by the Auto-Maskin network
Pro Connect Diagram Scania 1600px


  • Dedicated Start/Stop controls
  • Operator-selectable languages
  • Operator-selectable Metric/US units
  • All data accessible on Modbus TCP/RTU

Robust, heavy-duty, reliable

  • The touchscreen can be operated with gloves on
  • Sunlight-capable touchscreen
  • IP56 compliant including connectors
  • Tough marine-grade construction

Dedicated to engine

  • “Plug and Play“ harness kit with connectors matched to the engine
  • Ready for additional customer-installed options
  • Preconfigured files
  • Full J1939 CAN bus integration

Easy to use

  • Large, clear colour display
  • Icon-based menus
  • Dedicated alarm banners
  • One-touch alarm list, counters and a protected event log

Why customers select Marine ProConnect

  • Fast, clear icon-based information promotes safe and efficient operation
  • Pre-engineered solution means fast, low-cost installation
  • Quality-assured solution presents low business and operational risk
  • Looks really good!

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