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PJ Wins 2018 Health Value Awards Silver Medal by World Health Care Congress

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Palmer Johnson Power Systems proudly takes home Silver at the Health Value Awards for Small Group Employers (less than 250 employees). To learn more about all the benefits PJ has to offer, click here.

More than 350 nominees competed in the 2018 Health Value Awards to be the best and brightest applications to improve health outcomes, reduce costs and implement innovative health industry practices. The Health Value Awards Ceremony honored 47 finalists and 11 top Diamond winners in 11 categories.

The judges’ criteria for Validated and Non-Validated categories included a value proposition, longitudinal data to support better health outcomes at lower cost; performance metrics, credible methodology, purchaser testimonials, scalability, durability, disruptive approach and willingness to assume financial risk.

To see all the winners and nominees for the 2018 Health Value Awards, click here.

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