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Palmer Johnson Promotes Matt Ellsworth to Senior Marketing Manager

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We are excited to announce the promotion of Matt Ellsworth to Senior Marketing Manager. This is a timely and well deserved promotion for Matt as he continues to lead the PJ marketing team into the Digital era.

Since joining our team in April of 2015, Matt has been instrumental in completely reshaping the Palmer Johnson brand and marketing strategy. Matt has truly led Palmer Johnson into the digital era of marketing, making us a leader for the Off-Highway industry. Since his start his accomplishments have been large and small, some of the highlights include:

  • In 2015, he rolled out a new website that showcases or market knowledge and expertise across all avenues of our business. The visually impactful result perfectly represents PJ digitally where customers and vendors can find us. This platform allows our people to spend our time collaborating on the creative and not worrying as much about the distribution.
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  • Quickly after joining Palmer Johnson, Matt recognized the uniqueness of who we were as a company. In order to capture it and bring it to life we invested in cameras and lined up partners to help us capture and curate own digital content, videos, logos, apparel and media of all sorts. This investment and focus continues to bring our company to life and is now displayed on the walls of Sun Prairie and our digital web experience internal and external.
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  • In 2015, with Bowers and then again in 2019 with Mill Log, marketing led us in a rebranding and on-boarding effort to ensure that these new employees and customers came over to Palmer Johnson remembering their legacy and feeling properly appreciated. Marketing takes PJ culture serious and has a ton of fun doing it! We now have Safety Warriors everywhere and PJ bobble heads to prove it.
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  • In 2016, Marketing started working to better understand our customer life-cycle and that started with implementation TrustPilot. From there Matt and team built out a series of additional value added customer touch points. The customer journey now includes Quarterly Newsletters and Market focused campaigns. There is always a cultural twist in there that the customers continue to show us they enjoy.
  • In 2018, Palmer Johnson took an the employee trip to Vail and Marketing planned and executed every detail of that event with perfect success. Bill Parsons said to me at the event, “It was the best all company event we had ever had.” That meant the world to me because I knew that our Marketing team had worked extra hard with leadership to make sure the event not only went well but created an experience people wouldn’t forget. Marketing did it again collaborating with our full RECON team to execute the biggest Open House we have ever had. We were featured by the Wisconsin State Journal and then again by Diesel Progress at the hands of Matt's marketing partner in crime, Megan Padley's great PR work.

I could go on with all the areas that our Marketing Department touches but the biggest thing I will say about them is under Matt’s leadership our Marketing Department has risen to the top. Everything Matt touches has careful creative thought to it and the intention to relate our message to the industry...

  • We are uniquely Palmer Johnson.
  • We value what we do and the customers we do it for.

The Palmer Johnson Marketing team is now comprised of Matt Ellsworth, Megan Padley and Brianna Krahn.

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