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Twin Disc Product Release - TA90-7600 & TA90-7601 Transmissions

Twin Disc Incorporated recently announced the release of the TA90-7600 & TA90-7601 transmissions. These transmissions were specifically designed to meet the heavy duty demands of driving triplex and quintuplex piston pumps for high pressure oil and gas well stimulation while matching the life of the diesel engines that power the rigs.


These new transmission models are coaxial, nine speed, power shift transmissions with a maximum gross input power rating up to 1939 kW (2600 hp) @ 1900 rpm. They are designed for close coupled installation to the engines' dry flywheel housing via a flexible coupling.

The TA90-7600 & TA90-7601 transmissions are controlled by the advanced Twin Disc TDEC-500 control system and don't require a torque converter for power shifting, instead use a master clutch. The TDEC-500 is the latest state-of-the-art full authority microprocessor based electronic control system for Twin Disc automatic transmission systems used in heavy duty, off-highway applications.

TA90-7600 & TA90-7601 Features and Benefits

  • Designed to match the engine life on pressure pumping rigs for oil and gas well stimulation. The robust, simplicity of the counter shaft design provides for an expected L10 life of 10,000 hours.
  • Designed specifically for the pressure pumping market, the transmission does not require throttle dipping for any of the range to range shifts. It is designed to be power shifted under all loaded or unloaded situations.
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum housings to reduce overall vehicle weight.
  • Does not require a torque converter.
  • Compact in size and able to fit between the frame rails of mobile equipment.
  • Overall length of 1851 mm (72.9 in).
  • Small and evenly spaced gear ratio steps ensure that well pressure does not drop during gear shifts.
  • Simple plumbing to ease installation in the cramped quarters of a pressure pumping rig.
  • Two live PTO's rated 149 kW.
  • Can in most cases use the same oil as the engine.
  • Includes a highly flexible coupling to reduce the damaging effects of the torsional excitations by the engine and piston pump.
  • Internal brake capability to hold the output shaft when not pumping.
  • Remote mount filters with electronic bypass indicators make servicing easy.
  • Existing TA90-7500 transmission can be converted to the TA90-7600 with minimal rework.

TDEC-500 Features and Benefits

  • On board built-in diagnostics.
  • Interactive display.
  • Health and trend capability with fault isolation via user accessible fault and status codes for all operational modes.
  • SAE J1939 CAN Bus and RS232 communication.
  • Environmentally tested to the highest industry standards.
  • Non volatile memory with real time clock giving time/date stamp for diagnostics.
  • Optimized gear shift performance for precise control of the high pressure piston pump.
  • Flexibility to tailor features and operation for optimum performance.
  • Optimized line test mode specifically developed for the power shift transmissions of the TA90-7500 & TA90-7600 family.

Contact us today for more information on the Twin Disc TA90-7600 & TA90-7601 transmissions. Whether you just have some basic questions or are wanting to explore a brand new application using this powershift transmission; we're here to help.

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