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Week 1 Recap - Amazing views and some rough weather

Tyler is well into the race now, having logged more than 1,000 miles in the first week while racing down the continental divide -- that’s nearly 140 miles each day! And keep in mind those aren’t road miles. Each mile pedaled is completely off road and, sometimes, through snow and other wild conditions.

But Tyler has had some moments to really reflect and take it all in. He spent a night in a mountain “tiny house,” and has seen some breathtaking views in these first days.

Tour Divide Bike

And, of course, whenever he can, Tyler is sitting down for big meals in towns he passes. There’s not always an opportunity to fuel up while he’s riding, so when an opportunity presents he grabs a fork and shovel. And a few glorious cups of coffee!!

Tour Divide Eats

Because when Tyler can’t grab a meal in town, it’s back to the provisions he packed for his ride -- not exactly a five-star meal.
Despite the early tail winds, the ride hasn’t been without its challenges -- specifically, a few mechanical issues. Riding out of Fernie, British Columbia Tyler sliced a tire and had to wait until Whitefish, MT to get a replacement. There, he spent valuable time waiting for the shop to open -- not how he wanted to spend his time, especially so early in the race. Soon after, Tyler stopped in Helena for a much-needed tune up. His chain was totally shot, and he’s broken a back spoke, which also needed a quick repair.


Want to see more from the race? Check out Tyler’s latest video and meet a few of his new trail friends.

Remember, Tyler is tackling this massive ride to support the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. Their goal? Raise $40,000 -- and you can help. Click below to donate now!

Donate to PJ Power-Tour Divide Team

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