Carraro tractor axle

Carraro Agricultural Tractor Axles

- The widest and most complete range of steering drive axles designed for tractor power ratings from 35 to 300 HP

- Possibility of obtaining electronic control of the principal axle and tractor functions - differential locking and front wheel drive engagement - on the basis of variables such as steering angle, tractor speed and other parameters. The axle thus becomes a perfectly integrated component of the vehicle as a whole

- Simplicity and rapidity of servicing thanks to the rational arrangement of the subcomponents which can be disassembled without having to use special tooling

- Extreme adaptability to the final user’s most different needs thanks to the numerous options available and to the high standardization of the subcomponents adopted. Such standardization also allows customers and dealers to make significant saving in spare parts storage space

- Elimination of routine servicing thanks to adoption of long life lubricated U-joints and availability of waterproof seals

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