CENTA Carbon Drive Shaft

Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the CENTA Carbon Drive Shafts with expert support working on new applications down to parts support & troubleshooting your existing drive shaft.

CENTA Carbon driveshafts were developed for demanding applications in marine propulsion. These compact, lightweight precision-engineered driveshafts offer energy-efficient power transmission for high speeds. Noise-damping and durable, CENTA carbon driveshafts outperform and outlast other driveshaft solutions.

Tested and rated for accurate torque transmission, these cutting-edge driveshafts are maintenance-free and corrosion-proof. CENTA carbon-fiber driveshafts are a reliable, strong solution with easy handling and low maintenance. Available in a variety of lengths and easily configured and adapted, reduce your down-time and costs with CENTA, a true driveshaft solution leader.

Whether you are wanting to explore a CENTA Carbon Drive Shaft for your next application or are needing parts support for your existing coupling; we've got you covered. Contact the CENTA coupling & drive shaft experts today!

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Assembly & Model Numbers:

CFRP, CFRP5P162, CFRP6P163, CFRP8P164, CFRP10P166, CFRP12P214, CFRP15P216, CFRP20P268, CFRP25P269, CFRP30P270, CFRP40P317, CFRP50P318, CFRP60P321, CFRP80P371, CFRP100P375, CFRP120P424, CFRP150P430, CFRP200P525, CFRP250P532, CFRP300P537, CFRP400P612, CFRP500P705, CFRP600P712, CFRP800P725, CFRP5S167, CFRP6S169, CFRP8S216, CFRP10S219, CFRP12S267, CFRP15S270, CFRP20S316, CFRP25S319, CFRP30S323, CFRP40S372, CFRP50S378, CFRP60S384, CFRP80S435, CFRP100S442, CFRP120S533, CFRP150S540, CFRP200S615

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