Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the CENTA CENTAFLEX-A Couplings with expert support working on new applications down to parts support & troubleshooting your existing coupling.

The CENTAFLEX-A series are torsionally soft couplings that are designed for high-performance and high-torsional elasticity. Built to damp torsional vibrations and shocks, CENTAFLEX-A protects your equipment and outperforms others in its class. Able to compensate for significant axial, radial, and angular misalignment, CENTAFLEX-A addresses the most common coupling and bearing failure-related issues. The electrically-insulating and thermally-resistant silicone or rubber design is fail-safe and offers backlash-free torque transmission, even under high-torque applications.

CENTAFLEX-A series is available in a variety of designs, including an axially blind-fit design with radial mounting capacity. Couplings are available with a split rubber element for quick replacement and easy maintenance. Easily handled and readily mountable with minimum effort, the CENTAFLEX-A series torsional couplings are available in a variety of sizes and lengths for any installation requirement as a constant velocity shaft. Available in carbon-fiber and glass-fiber designs for endless configuration and customization.

Whether you are wanting to explore a CENTAFLEX-A Coupling for your next application or are needing parts support for your existing coupling; we've got you covered. Contact the CENTA coupling & drive shaft experts today!

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Assembly & Model Numbers:

CF-A-01, CF-A-02, CF-A-04, CF-A-08, CF-A-012, CF-A-016, CF-A-022, CF-A-025, CF-A-028, CF-A-030, CF-A-050, CF-A-080, CF-A-090, CF-A-140, CF-A-200, CF-A-250, CF-A-400, CF-A-600, CF-A-800

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