Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the CENTA CENTAX-TT Couplings with expert support working on new applications down to parts support & troubleshooting your existing coupling.

Ideal for heavy-duty and high-speed applications, the CENTAX-TT is a compact twin torque coupling with high performance. Designed with two concentrically arranged, pre-compressed “twin” rubber segments to jointly transmit torque, the CENTAX-TT is a high-performing design specifically built for a high torque range.

Used for ship propulsion, generator sets, and similar applications, the CENTAX-TT is characterized by medium torsional stiffness. Torsional adaptation can be achieved by adjusting the number and arrangement of the rubber segments to allow for many different configurations.

The CENTAX-TT damps torsional vibrations and shock loads. Able to compensate axial and radial misalignments, this flexible coupling is an ideal solution. Effectively ventilated for high admissible energy loss, the CENTAX-TT can hold up under many tough environments. Mounted with minimal effort and replaceable without movement of surrounding coupled components, the CENTAX-TT is a compact, low-maintenance coupling solution.

Whether you are wanting to explore a CENTAX-TT Coupling for your next application or are needing parts support for your existing coupling; we've got you covered. Contact the CENTA coupling & drive shaft experts today!

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Assembly & Model Numbers:

CX-TT-130, CX-TT-140, CX-TT-150, CX-TT-160, CX-TT-240, CX-TT-250, CX-TT-260, CX-TT-340, CX-TT-350, CX-TT-360, CX-TT-440, CX-TT-450, CX-TT-460, CX-TT-130-820, CX-TT-140-820, CX-TT-140-850, CX-TT-150-850, CX-TT-160-925, CX-TT-240-1090, CX-TT-250-1090, CX-TT-260-1180, CX-TT-340-1340, CX-TT-350-1340, CX-TT-360-1460, CX-TT-440-1685, CX-TT-450-1685, CX-TT-460-1840

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