Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the CENTA CENTAFLEX-KE Couplings with expert support working on new applications down to parts support & troubleshooting your existing coupling.

The CENTAFLEX-KE is a compact, one-piece coupling with a high torsional stiffness. Built for diesel-driven hydrostatic drives with flange mounted pumps and splined input shafts, the CENTAFLEX-KE compensates in applications with radial misalignment.

With a flexible element made of high-quality glass-fiber reinforced plastic and elastic rubber-coated bushes on the outer diameter, the highly robust and short design of the CENTAFLEX-KE ensures high performance. The high torsional stiffness protects shafts and bearings from mechanical loads while tolerating moderate radial misalignments.

Durable and economical, the CENTAFLEX-KE is oil-resistant and suitable for high ambient temperatures. Available with blind assembly for minimal-effort and low cost mounting, the CENTAFLEX-KE is delivered ready to assemble with flywheel connections according to SAE; also available for non-standard flywheels.

Whether you are wanting to explore a CENTAFLEX-KE Coupling for your next application or are needing parts support for your existing coupling; we’ve got you covered. Contact the CENTA coupling & drive shaft experts today!

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Assembly & Model Numbers:

CF-KE-085, CF-KE-086, CF-KE-088, CF-KE-088, CF-KE-089, CF-KE-093, CF-KE-094, CF-KE-096, CF-KE-097, CF-KE-098

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