Palmer Johnson is an authorized distributor for the CENTA CENTAFLEX-KF Couplings with expert support working on new applications down to parts support & troubleshooting your existing coupling.

The CENTAFLEX-KF is a cost-efficient, torsionally stiff, lightweight one-piece coupling ideally suited for diesel hydraulic drives with splined input shafts. This coupling is an excellent choice for applications where compensation of radial misalignments of up to 0.7 mm is required.

The CENTAFLEX-KF offers temperature resistance up to a short-termed maximum of 120°C (250°F) to address the temperature issues found in sealed machinery. With a high torsional stiffness for subcritical speed operation, the CENTAFLEX-KF features an axially short build, an advantage in flywheel connections. Easy adaptations are available for many flywheel and splined hub connections to ensure the flexibility of your drive.

The CENTAFLEX-KF includes a laser machined adapter plate for flywheel connections, a secondary flange of reinforced plastic, and a thin, vulcanized layer of temperature-resistant elastomer. Easy-to-assemble blind mount design keeps assembly costs low.

Whether you are wanting to explore a CENTAFLEX-KF Coupling for your next application or are needing parts support for your existing coupling; we’ve got you covered. Contact the CENTA coupling & drive shaft experts today!

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Assembly & Model Numbers:

CF-KF-30, CF-KF-35, CF-KF-50, CF-KF-89, CF-KF-94, CF-KF-98

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