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Cotta Transmission Custom Transmissions and Gear Drives

Our engineers can concept and design virtually any gearbox for any purpose. Advanced design capability such as rotor dynamics studies and Finite Element Analysis establishes our position as one of the truly "complete" transmission and gearbox suppliers.

With 5000+ designs to our credit, Cotta combines past experience with forward thinking to provide the exact product you require. Following is a partial list of the specialized products and services we offer. Our custom transmissions and gearboxes are offered in both standard speed and high speed designs.

  • Planetary drives - applications range from snow blower auger dives to centrifugal separators.
  • Reversing transmissions - used behind main transmission to provide full vehicle speed in reverse.
  • Turbine reduction/increaser gears - to 5000 HP
  • Design Services- Cotta will design a transmission to your specs. All specs and drawings become your property.
  • Rotor Dynamic Studies
  • Compounding gearboxes - combine two or more prime movers into one output
  • Four Square gearbox systems- test at full torque with minimum input power requirements.

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